Maple Ledge Farm

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Along with our real estate investment business, let me tell you about the fun hobby we started almost 20 years ago….
We started our Maple Production in the 80’s with just an outside wood burning stove with a pan on top. In 1999 we then put a 3’ x 4’ evaporator in the small barn that we had. We had various gathering stations. Buckets around the local tree, a sugar line leading to a tank at the bottom of the hill. Tubing around trees, which everyone loved to see up, it meant Spring was coming soon.
In 2010 in memory of “mom”, “grams” who’s father shared this unique farming skill with John (at the age of 2) we added on to our small sugar house and built a much larger one. This holds a 3’ x 10’ evaporator. We have about 350 taps out in various locations.
We have really enjoyed sharing this hobby with friends, family and lots of visitors over the years.
We have pure maple syrup, candies and cream for sale.

The 3rd weekend of March every year, we have a pancake breakfast for a free will donation. This event has been so much fun, and has raised thousands of dollars for Easter Seals Massachusetts. Please come join us this year.

Debbie & John Stevens


Tapping the trees

Steam coming off the evaporator

Fresh maple syrup


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